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Online Security Services

Google Will Reward You And Your Customers Will Trust You

If you don't have SSL, Google will penalise your rankings.
If you don't have premium protection your customers are always at risk.
It doesn't matter if you sell anything online or not. If you want to keep your website and customer information safe, you need these two services.
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SSL Certificates
An SSL Certificate is an encryption protocol that ensures that information shared on your site is safe and encrypted.

Google is displaying an UNSAFE warning on any site that does not have one. 

If you want to do business online, you need an SSL certificate.
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The Automated Security Package
Our Automated Security Package provides your online business with Premium Security within seconds of activating it.

It gives you peace of mind that your site is always protected, your client's information is safe and that your business is protected from de-indexing by Google.

If you have a business, this will take your security to the next level, beyond what any security plugin can provide.
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