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If you have a website, 
you need security

even if you don't have an online store

A hack is happening somewhere every 39 seconds.

If you don't have adequate site protection, it's not a matter of if your site will be hacked, it's a matter of when. Just because your site doesn't look infected, doesn't mean that it isn't.


"But I only have a small business site.
Why would anyone want to hack me?"

It's not personal. 

Most site attacks are performed by bots and automated programs

Bots are programmed to scour the internet for a particular signature (a set of files that signals your use of a specific plugin or script - which has certain known vulnerabilities and can be compromised).

The bot will then perform a series of automated tasks in an attempt to gain access to your site.

If the bot gains access to your site, it can then redirect YOUR traffic to any site of it’s choosing - usually to spammy advertising networks or use your server's resources for crypto mining.

Hackers usually leave some kind of backdoor access point (like an open door), so that if a site is "restored" they can still gain access. So it’s crucial to have security protocols that will also guard against this.

Some malware (damaging software) can be so sophisticated (as it infects a site) that it will show the hackers ads to your customers whilst appearing ”normal" to its owner/administrators.

Another threat is a key logger. This is software that sits quietly in the background recording all your keyboard strokes and collects personal user information, such as credit card details.

All of these are processes are generally invisible to website owners and administrators.

TAKE AWAY: Just because your site doesn't look infected, doesn't mean that it isn't.

What if I told you I had an easy solution for all your security needs 
and that takes less than 17 seconds to secure your online business?

Get Premium Level Security without the high price tag

Introducing ...

The Automated Security Package

We’re offering you a fully automated, online service that takes care of all the security headaches, (including ones that you don't even know exist yet!).

Stop bots and hackers before they get to your website.

Our Automated Security Package provides your online business with Premium Security within seconds of activating it.

The Automated Security Package gives you:

Complete peace of mind knowing that your online business is secure.
Confidence knowing that both you and your client’s details (that your website has stored) will be well protected behind a firewall.
Access to your site’s security report at any time at the click of a button.
Confidence that Google will not blacklist your site (remove it from their index) due to malware infection.
Clean up any malicious code automatically, in case your site is infected with malware.
An automated ‘cleaning service’ for any malicious code, in the event that your site becomes infected with malware. NOTE: Many companies charge around $297+ for this service alone.
A good reputation can take years to build and can be lost in a matter of minutes.
Zero technical knowledge to successfully implement
Requirements: Uploading of one file and we can even do this for you (at your request).

Imagine not needing to worry about paying security experts to protect or clean up your site for you - our tools will do it automatically.

Once you are able to combine the SSL certificate with our Automated Security Package, your site will be more secure, load faster, rank higher on Google's index and be constantly monitored for any security threats.

I guarantee you that The Smart Sovereign Automated Security Package will make your site 98% more secure within 17 sec of activation or your money back.

FREE Training worth $99

Our Automated Security Package can do almost everything, but cannot protect you against human errors like weak password practices or plugins that have security vulnerabilities.

If you act now, and I will throw in the WP Mastery Security Course ($99 value) (this is my gift to you when you grab the Smart Sovereign Automated Security Package), for FREE.

This is my 16 part video series, which will take you through the most common security mistakes that WP newbies make and teach you how to rectify them.

By the end, you will know 95% more about security, then most regular Wordpress users.

wordpress easy security

The Smart Sovereign Automated Security Package typically retails for $179/year.

RIGHT NOW, as an introductory special, we are releasing this to the public for a MASSIVE 40% OFF.

Just use the coupon

But this is a one-time offer and this price is available for a limited time only.


Read why our users love 
The Automated Security Package

"Highly recommend Smart Sovereign for all your website security. My website got hacked, and they were the only company who could fix my issue. 

The hack was so sophisticated that other companies I had approached failed to rectify my issues, causing me to lose time and money. But thanks to Smart Sovereign the hack was fixed in record time and my business was back up and running with extra security measures." 

Rose Meindertsma


Still have questions?

Describe this service to me, in one sentence.

It’s Premium security service without the high price tag.

Why do I need this?

Hacking techniques, like technology, are always evolving and getting more sophisticated. Lots of time is required to keep up to date with the best security practices to counteract these attacks.

The Automated Security Package allows you to tap into the best minds in the business and leverage their expertise for less than the price of a good bottle of wine.

How is this different to any of the other security plugins that Wordpress offers?

There are many differences, but the biggest one is that this service will perform automated malware cleanup, as well as scan your site on a regular basis

NOTE: This scan can be set to run as often as you like - i.e.: every 6 hours.

If your site has previously been compromised, you will already know that to hire someone to clean an infected Wordpress Site for you, can easily cost more than $297 - not to mention the loss of customers and revenue to your business while this issue is being fixed.

Our security service provides an external dashboard. This means that you can always get into your site and recover access to it quickly and easily, even if the Admin users are locked out.

NOTE: This is a key feature that is important to us for all of our own websites.

Which websites are compatible with this service?

As long as you have a PHP supported server and the ability to upload one single file to the home directory, you’re good to go!

The following platforms are 100% compatible with out security services:

Joomla, Wordpress, DLE, Drupal 6.x/7.x/8.x, ModX Evolution/Revolution, 1C Bitrix, Yii framework 2.x, OpenCart, CS.cart, NetCat, PrestaShop, HostCms, UMI.CMS, Amiro.CMS, Magento, CMS Made Simple, XenForo forum, CodeIgniter, PhpBB, Webasyst, Stressweb, DiafanCMS, Vtiger CRM, Koobi CMS, Simpla, VipBox(Engio), InstantCMS, Symfony.

Which websites are NOT compatible with this service?

Platforms such as Shopify and Wix do not allow uploads to their home directory.

If you don’t find your particular website platform listed in the: “Which website are compatible with this service?” section above, please check with your provider and ask them if they allow uploads to their home directory.

What EXACTLY do I need to do to install & activate my new security service ?

It's very simple. After you complete checkout, you will be automatically directed to a page where you will be asked to upload just 1 file to your /public_html/ directory.

If you have any issues with this, we will be more than happy to do it for you.

Once my new security is activated, how will I know that it’s working?

Within 24 hours of your new security file upload, your service will be activated by us. 

As soon as this is completed, you will receive login details to your client portal where you can view monthly reports, as well as communicate with us directly through a chat window.
threats blockedchat screen

What's included in the Website Antivirus Features?

Smart Sovereign's Website Antivirus doesn’t just find and remove all infected files on your website or put them in quarantine, our software removes malicious code (redirects, trojans, backdoors, shell scripts and other malicious code) from files types: PHP, JS, HTML and all system files. This service is automatically performed for you within minutes with high accuracy.

NOTE: Your website will continue to run smoothly while this automatic cleanup process running.

Our software includes these KEY benefits:

  • Accurate anti-malware database allows your site to perform smoothly and efficiently during and after cleanup.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Cheap and inferior cleaning software can delete important files in error causing your system to be unstable after performing an automated cleaning procedure)

  • Continuous scanning for Malware and Automatic Website Malware Removal.
  • Malware removal takes seconds, not hours!
  • Pre-cleanup file backups are produced for all the information & files contained on your site.
  • Don't waste your server's traffic. No extreme server CPU load.
    TRANSLATION: If your site is infected, your system will run slowly which wastes your sites energy resources and frustrates browsing customers.
  • Security Software is compatible with PHP-websites and frameworks such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, DLE etc.

Detailed Malware Scan & Removal Reports available.
You can check your malware scan and malware removal reports through viewing the last 30 days (or longer if required).

For Example: Here are all files that were detected as Infected and Suspicious by Smart Sovereign Website Antivirus.

Checking out your reports occasionally is encouraged as you’ll get to see how much your investment is going to work for you.

Can you explain to me about my new Website Firewall Features?

YES. Smart Sovereign’s Website Firewall (Web Application Firewall) deploys on your website automatically, synchronises to our anti-malware network and protects your website from the following: Hackers - Malware - Attacks - Content grabbing - XSS/SQL injections - Malicious code uploads - suspicious activities and Blacklists.

Your new software loads before your website loads and works as a protective shield.
The Website firewall receives/catches every single request that is sent to your website.

The Website Firewall is connected to our Servers. These servers are responsible for analysing all requests. If there are any problems with the installation of WAF (The Firewall) or the synchronisation with WAF to our anti-malware network you'll be informed with an error message.

Website Firewall can be successfully installed on websites with next CMS - such as:
Joomla, Wordpress, DLE, Drupal 6.x/7.x/8.x, ModX Evolution/Revolution, 1C Bitrix, Yii framework 2.x, OpenCart, CS.cart, NetCat, PrestaShop, HostCms, UMI.CMS, Amiro.CMS, Magento, CMS Made Simple, XenForo forum, CodeIgniter, PhpBB, Webasyst, Stressweb, DiafanCMS, Vtiger CRM, Koobi CMS, Simpla, VipBox (Engio), InstantCMS, Symfony.

Provides Detailed IP reports daily of all IP Blocks.

You can check your detailed daily reports to each blocked IP address that was detected (and therefore automatically rejected).

You can analyse all blocked requests easily and add any IP to your whitelist by clicking a simple Plus icon.

Can you explain to me what Blacklist Monitoring is?

YES. Smart Sovereign’s Automated Security Package helps you to see if your website is currently Blacklisted. Blacklisting means that access to your website now is restricted by one or several services

EXAMPLE: If Google blocks your website in Google's SERP (Search Engine Results Page) you will lose your users (Browsing customers)

We automatically and regularly scan your websites for more than 50+ blacklists.
In order to keep you in Googles good books, every 10 days we update your blacklist status for all your sites and we do this by checking all of the following blacklists providers:

Also, you can redo blacklist scan manually by one button click if you need it. Blacklist data provided by: ADMINUSLabs, AegisLab WebGuard, Alexa, AlienVault, Antiy-AVL, AutoShun, Avira Checkurl, BADWARE.INFO, Baidu-International, BitDefender, Blueliv, CRDF, C-SIRT, CLEAN MX, Comodo Site Inspector, CyberCrime, CyRadar,, DNS8, Dr.Web Link Scanner, Emsisoft, ESET, Forcepoint ThreatSeeker, FortiGuard Web Filtering, FraudSense, G-Data, Google Safebrowsing, K7AntiVirus, Kaspersky URL advisor, Malc0de Database, Malekal, Malwarebytes hpHosts, Malwared, Malware Domain Blocklist, Malware Domain List, MalwarePatrol,, Netcraft, NotMining, OpenPhish, Opera, Palevo Tracker, Phishlabs, Phishtank, Quttera, Rising, Sangfor, SCUMWARE, SecureBrain, Sophos, Spam404, SpyEye, Tracker, Spamhaus, StopBadware, Sucuri SiteCheck, ThreatHive, Trend Micro Site Safety Center, Trustwave, urlQuery, Virusdie External Site Scan, VX Vault, Web Security Guard, Webutation, Wepawet, Yandex Safebrowsing, ZCloudsec, ZDB Zeus, Zeus Tracker, Zvelo (the list above could be changed).

What if I switch hosting or change my domain?
Will this compromise my security?

Don't worry, we can easily move your service to a new hosting provider.

NOTE: We will allow ONE change of domain per year without incurring any additional charges.

What if I want to Cancel… am I locked in to any sort of contract?

NOPE. Absolutely not!

We believe in FREEDOM, which is why we’re called Smart Sovereign ;)

Your peace of mind is important to us, so of course, you can cancel your security services with us at any time. We’re confident you'll want to stay with us since we’ve made this super affordable and are confident we’ve provided one of the most cost-effective solutions available out there.

However, if for any reason, at any time, you must go, you can rest assured that your site will continue to be fully protected by us until the completion of the term - which is 12 months from purchase date.

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