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Slow sites are expensive

They Cost You Customers 
And Money

Customers are impatient and unforgiving. With so much competition,
they can easily go on that other site that loads just a few seconds faster.
Why Should Speed Matter to you?

Very Simple. It matters to Your customers.

Slow sites are even slower on mobile devices.

With over 70% of all website traffic coming from mobile devices, speed is more important than ever. 

Think about it...

When you come across a slow site on the web, do you hang around to find out why it's slow?
Or about the great products they have? 
Or about the story of the company? No

You're onto the next one, because there are plenty more fish in the sea. Your customers are just like you.

A decade ago Amazon did a study and found that a 1 second of load lag time would cost Amazon $1.6 Billion in sales per year.

When it comes to speed, every millisecond counts - and chances are, your site is a lot slower than you think.

Why Website Speed is Key

A Fast Website Improves User Experience

Speed = Sales

Website speed removes friction between you and your customers. Put simply, the faster your website, the more revenue you will generate, no matter your business.

The most remarkable 1-second stats:

• Reduces page views by 11%
• Decreases customer satisfaction by 16%
• Eats away 7% of the coveted conversion rate
• On annual basis, 1 second delay can lead to $2.5 million in missed revenue if your shop generates $100,000 per day

In most cases we improve site speed by at least 200%.

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Here’s how It works.
First we’ll benchmark your site (test it with various tools) so that you know where we started.

Then, we will perform our gypsy magic to squeeze every last millisecond of performance out of your site.

We go way beyond just installing a few caching plugins and calling it a day. We take into account every factor, including web hosting, the plugins you use and image compression ratios. 

A formula unique to you

We then come up with a specific formula that will best work for your website. No two websites are alike, so every configuration is different.

As a special offer, we will install a speed optimisation plugin worth $249 on your site at no cost to you. We can do this because we have a special license that allows us to install it for our customers. 

We will perform a lossless compress on ALL of the images on your website. No matter if  you have 100 or 100,000. This will ensure your site runs lean at all times on all pages, not just your home page. Smaller images = faster loading.

You will then receive a full report detailing the difference that we have made to your site.
110% money back guarantee seal
We will make your site faster or 110% of your money back. Even if you've already had it optimised.
Only $297
If we fail to improve your real world performance we will give you your money back 110%
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