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Website Redesign Information


To build a website on a faster framework, mirroring the current format, but with speed, layout and SEO improvements. 

The website will be built in such a way that staff will be able to be trained to swap contents out themselves.


Smart Sovereign Keyword Research main page
A correctly researched KEYWORD TEMPLATE is the FOUNDATIONAL BASIS for your whole online business.

Without a good plan on which KEYWORDS to pursue, your online campaigns are pre-doomed to failure, it's like going into battle without a battle plan and just seeing what happens…

We have access to some of the most sophisticated KEYWORD ANALYSIS TOOLS that remain hidden to even the most seasoned SEO professionals.

Our tools provide a DEEP VERTICAL MARKET ANALYSIS (analyzing the most profitable key-words in your niche/topic, along with the keywords that will drive the most traffic / customers to your website - i.e : Informational Keywords) as well as SEMANTIC CONGRUENCY - This is the natural language that people use when they search for products online – and this language is not always what you would expect – oftentimes we have been surprised at the words people use to search for what they want!

These words (suited to your niche / business) are grouped into THEMES that are then used as the basis of your SILO STRUCTURED website. A Silo Structured website is something the Google rewards and you require 80%-90% LESS backlinks (which simply means 80%-90% less effort) for your website to rank higher.

Doing KEYWORD RESEARCH is one of the most laborious and time intensive tasks and this alone takes 8-10 hours !! However, correctly performed this step ensures your online success. So of course, we see this as a crucial aspect and not something to be overlooked or rushed.

Our Keyword Research tools take all of the guess work out and allow us to provide you with a FORMULA.


A completely CUSTOM BUILT website that includes:

A correctly structured (SILO ARCHITECTURE) website built on the SEO-friendly Oxygen Builder Framework.

Below is a short article that explains why Silo Structuring is so important.
What is Silo Structure and why is it important? - (this is something most website architects do not take into account or put into action)
Website silo Architecture is an internal website linking structure that (when executed properly) will tend to create higher rankings on the search engine for keywords contained within the silo structure. Usually, a silo structure has a silo landing page in which three to five keywords can be targeted for ranking, preferably with one overlying topical theme.
Google engineer and spam team coordinator Matt Cutts admits that "LSI (latent semantic indexing) topical "Pyramids" (i.e. website silo architecture) can be a "really good thing". (Poor audio).

Generically a silo is defined as a construct used to keep things separate or compartmentalized. Note: Silo model above is one model that has been popularized on the internet.

Silo Architecture
silo architecture model

The Primary Benefits of Website Silo Architecture:

1. WSA (Website Silo Architecture) is a little known and seldom implemented site building method that allows you to rank higher using up to 90% fewer inbound links than your competition.

2. Most professional SEO's find Website Silo Architecture method too difficult to implement because until now it has taken a lot of planning and tenacity to effectively produce. Website Silo Architecture is especially difficult for the neophyte to implement, which is why SEO mavens like Bruce Clay and Red Door Interactive charge their clients tens of thousands of dollars to create silo structured sites.

3. Most SEO professionals must spend excessive amounts of time focused on off-page ranking factors and especially inbound link building. An average of 90% additional link building efforts are needed when on-site theme architecture has not been utilized to effectively communicate the website themes to the search engines. Proper theme architecture combined with theme mirroring of inbound links will significantly reduce off-site content and inbound links building required to establish high rankings. This can result in huge savings for clients.

4. Google's own Matt Cutt's has acknowledged the superior ranking and content delivery strategy of a properly themed website.

5. Through the auspices of Pay Per Click Silo Mapping, any Pay Per Click (adwords) campaigns become competitively superior and more stable when the bots "see" that the targeted landing page is a themed website. Additionally, you improve your adwords quality score when the bots "see" that the targeted landing page is semantically related to the ad while containing inbound link juice from theme matched off-site authority pages.

We will build your website on the WORDPRESS framework, as it combines ease of use with versatility. Over 30% of websites are powered by Wordpress and we feel it is the best platform for you. Wordpress also makes it easy for you to write and publish your own posts as well as integrate with all of your social media easily.

The OXYGEN FRAMEWORK ($99) is a structure (like a skeleton) that we build your WordPress site upon.

We want a website that is ALL MUSCLE with NO FAT.

We will be creating a CUSTOM SKIN (Theme) especially just for you (no pre-made templates).

We will select the perfect font and colour combinations based on the buyer's psychology in your particular niche.


blog image
It is vital that your BLOG’s theme is a structural CLONE (replica) of your MONEY SITE. 

The same 'Silo-ing’ principles (as described above) must also be applied to your BLOG. However, it has to be structured slightly differently, as Blogs and Money Sites have different GOOGLE ranking strategies and requirements.

No matter what anyone tells you, you simply cannot achieve ranking in any competitive industry without some way to generate and distribute new content.

We will fully integrate all of your social networks for you.

We can even FULLY AUTOMATE the SYNDICATION PROCESS for you. Meaning You post ONCE on your website and it will go out to 20 DIFFERENT SOCIAL NETWORKS!

(This is a Separate Service that I offer.)


Speed is KING as far as Google is concerned. 

Google want's good quality content FAST. Our website build will include advanced content optimisation and pre-loading techniques that will squeeze every bit of juice out of the hardware that your website is hosted on. 

This speed service alone is a $297 service.

I also include a Special Plugin that compresses all of your images on upload with one of the best algorithms on the market, so you never have to worry about a slow bloated website ever again.
speed is king website speed optimization


I will deliver your site with complete security protocols built in, including Two Factor Authorization and the obscuring of Wordpress, so hackers don't even know you are running Wordpress and so that your site remains invisible to them.

This security service alone is a $297 service.


As part of our service to you we also provide you with the most sophisticated Security Protocols and Backup safety measures. If your site ever goes down, for any reason, we will be able to restore it with ONE CLICK.

 We will provide ongoing MONTHLY BACKUPS for you FREE of charge.

If you see that your site is generating a lot of content every week, we can switch the backup frequency to WEEKLY or even DAILY for a small fee.
backup server center


Smart Sovereign customer care
I will provide basic video training for staff to be able to swap images and text out as they need it as part of the service. Additional hours are billed at $80/hr.

A block of 5 hours is the minimum purchase. (i.e. your purchase 5 hours to be used at your discretion within a 1 year period. When the hours a nearing the end, you will be sent a notice, at which point you have the option to purchase more hours.

Discounts apply to multiple hour blocks.

10-15 hours 5%
20-30 hours 10%
35-50 hours 15%
55-80 hours 20%

All hours are to be Pre-Paid.
All hours are to be used within 1 year from purchase.

What you get:

Fully rebuilt website (that mirrors the look and feel of your current site) , but that is optimized for SEO and Speed. 
It will be built in a way that requires minimal technical intervention from me and that your staff can edit in a safe way.

•Speed optimisation
•Security protocols
•Daily backups
•Staff Training

You get 1 revision before the site goes live to give you a chance to make any major changes. 
If after this, you wish to make ad-hoc changes, that are not outlined in the proposal, then the aftercare pricing applies.

What is not included:

I can look at a package based on your needs, but I suggest Google cloud hosting or Amazon hosting which I can organize for you at $197 /year. This usually costs in excess of $400 /year.